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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stash Report - Week 32

Not much to write about today in regards to the stash report. I focused this week on finishing the quilting on the comfort quilt I am making. It gave me all kinds of problems and I wound up  using two different needles, three different threads in the bobbin, and believe I might have a bad bobbin. When I threw it on the frame last week, I thought I'd be able to finish it in an evening, but that didn't happen at all! I will post a few pictures when I get the binding on, which I hope to do today. I am happy overall with the quilt top, but the back is pretty yucky looking - some eyelashes and several places where the top thread pulled through to the back and got wrapped up in the bobbin thread. I haven't had this happen before so am wondering if it is a bobbin issue or a thread issue. For the next top I quilt, I am going to use a fresh bobbin and use the same thread in both the top and bobbin. Fingers crossed that it won't give me as many problems, because I still have that and two more quilts I want to get quilted by the end of this month. 

In stash news, I was very happy to clean up my stash last weekend and in doing so, found a cut of Kaffe Fassett fabric in Lois' stash that I can't envision myself using, so I gave it to my friend Stephanie who has quilted two of the UFO quilts for her family. My pattern usage isn't detailed below, but remains at a net of 0. 

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 1 yard

Fabric added year to date: 25 7/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 76 3/8 yards

Net fabric used: 50 1/2 yards

As I finish up my report this week, I feel compelled to write a word about the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair last night. I had never been to a State Fair before I moved to Indiana, and have been almost every year since I moved to Indiana. We have always so enjoyed our days there and loved seeing all the fair has to offer. I was very sad last night to see the events unfold and hear of the injuries and deaths and my thoughts go out to the families of the victims, the responders, and the onlookers. 


Reenie said...

Oh, Jennifer..wasn't that just awful??? I can't even imagine the horror.
Can't wait to see your quilt!

LuAnn said...

I've watched that video over and over on indychannel.com and have seen it on the news. I just can't imagine how that happened. I haven't been to the fair for a couple of years but thought they had a sturdy structure in the infield. Such a sad thing to happen.