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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

End of one month, beginning of another

It is hard to believe another month has passed, but this one went quickly because I had not one, but two vacations! I need to post about each of them...but until then, I will report on the paltry bit of sewing that happened between them. I started the month on a tear to finish up my Judy Laquidara quilt and got the final stitches in the binding the night before I left for Houston. Between Houston and PA, I got the fabric selected and blocks made for a comfort quilt, which I finished on Sunday -- well, the top is finished at least. I only had 10 1/4 hours in the sewing room, but that's not bad for being gone half the month and crazy busy the other half! 

Yesterday, I had a great day at work day and got all I wanted done and a little more. My primary goal was to get backs made for two tops I've finished, the comfort quilt, and the charity quilt. I had a couple helpers "playing quilt" on the charity top. 

Our bee also made little Christmas trees for our guild shop at the quilt show which is coming up this fall. Here's Jenna working with Mom and Debbie. 

If you live within a few hours of Indianapolis, it is a great show to visit. Basic information about it is here on our website, and if you'd like a chance at winning the raffle quilt (pictured on the website), I'd be happy to help you acquire a ticket. 

Next up is quilting away. I have these two quilts and two for my mom lined up and ready to go as soon as I have the time and energy - it ain't gonna be tonight! 

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Alycia said...

Love your helpers!!! Those quilt tops are great, I especially love the greens!