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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seven Years

That's how long it has been since our tent saw the light of day. Many years ago, my husband and I met up with my college roommate's family for a camping weekend. On Sunday morning, there were gale force winds and in the middle of a nice sleep, our tent ripped open. It actually ripped from the seam line all the way across one side of the floor. As Michelle looked out their camper, she couldn't figure out why Mike was sleeping with his legs out in the open! Needless to say, we packed up camp quickly, threw the tent in the back of our Jeep and moved in with them in their camper. We camped a couple times after that with borrowed tents, then took a hiatus from tent camping while we were raising babies. 

We started talking earlier this week about going camping and I decided today to pull out the old tent and see if I could repair it. I picked up a tent repair kit and got to work ripping out the tent "binding" along the bottom edge. I loaded my machine with a denim needle and nylon thread and pulled the table into the middle of the room. 
The repair job didn't take too long at all, and by mid afternoon, we found the canopy and set up the tent in the backyard so it can air out for a while. Now that it's all fixed up, I am craving smores! 

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jillquilts said...

Nice!! Who knew that quilting could come in handy? ;)