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Monday, May 2, 2011

Review of April

April was a really busy and productive month for me sewing-wise, and actually work wise too! The month started off with a sewing day when Jenna had a sick day. It was a kick-start for me to get several things pulled out and started/finished/worked on. Here's what I accomplished through the month: 
- Quilted Lois' Las Vegas #2, made and attached binding to #1 & #2, and outsourced the hand stitching. 
- Bound a prequilted panel I bought early in my sewing days and sent it off to Quilts for Japan
- Quilted "At the Park" panel for a neighbor's new son. 
- Snail's Trail block for my bee mate Kathy
- Finished quilting, bound, and sewed down the hanging sleeve on my Esterita Austin quilt (Feb's UFO)
- Made my coupon clutch to replace the one I lost
- Basted and started quilting the snap sack quilt I made at the end of March. 

I wound up with 19 hours in the sewing room, which is a good month. Plus, I went to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati and had a great time with several of my bee friends from here, and seeing my blog friends from there and further away. It was great to reconnect in person with people you usually type with and see some wonderful quilts

I am returning to part-time work status this month (hooray!!!) so will be working 4 days/week instead of 5, and am hoping that will help me get a few more things finished. It will also allow me more time with the kids, which will be good for all of us! 

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jillquilts said...

Hooray for part time work status!! You got a ton done! Way to go!