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Monday, April 4, 2011

My mess of a design wall

I haven't done a design wall Monday post in a while, although even if I did, it would be the same thing week after week since the UFOs on my design wall haven't been touched in at least 4 months (except for 1 of them). Here's my mess: 

And explanations of everything, starting on the left: 
- Blocks from a buck-a-block from 2008? I got them all put together in 2009, and even played around with how I might finish them, but nothing has driven me to work on them yet. 
- Two snowman blocks from last year's Bunny Hill BOM. I have the fabric and patterns ready for the other 10 and will get back to them someday. 
- Two labels ready to go on quilts that have been done for a long time but not labelled. 
- Across the top & middle are two market bags that are on my UFO list to be quilted and finished. The long thin strips are the handles and the large pieces the bags. I have lining pulled for them and will work on them when their number is pulled. 
- My little snap sack top that I finished last week, sitting half on top of a wall quilt my mom finished for me last fall. I need to hang it up down by my HQ. 
- Halloween wallhanging - this is my UFO for this month and needs to be quilted and bound. 
- The green squares on the right are machine quilting practice. I may put them together one day into some type of charity top of may just give them to the cat...time will tell. 

So, there's my mess! The only item I expect to change this month are the two little ones on the bottom, unless I get another project to the stage where I need to lay out the blocks! 


Quilter Kathy said...

Love your mess! Lots of exciting things going on!

Chris said...

Your design wall is like mine. I try to shift things around every now and then but....

Great things going on your wall.

Karen said...

You have a big design wall. Lots of space for lots of projects.

Vicki said...

:) I don't see a mess! Looks great, hopefully you will have an empty wall in no time.

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking the Buck-a Blocks should be finished off into whatever size is convenient so they can become a practice piece for some quilting design you want to work on. That's what might get me to work on something.

I also just took everything OFF my design wall because they were all stale. I put them aside so that I can bring them out one at a time, later. It's like having a clean slate. Hope that helps.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

It's not a mess...it's creative!

Reenie said...

I think having all those staring at me would paralyze me! lol I KNOW I have projects waiting to be finished but if I had mine all out like that, they would be giving me the 'stank eye' and I wouldn't know where to start! lolol