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Friday, April 1, 2011

March Recap

At the beginning of the month, I told myself that I wouldn't do anything except finish the UFO for the quarter (my Five Easy Pieces quilt) and finish February's UFO from Judy Laquidara's challenge....after I made myself a new purse! Here's the results of what I told myself: 

- Finished my Claire purse in Bliss fabrics
- Quilted and bound Five Easy Pieces (this is second on the list but took me all month to quilt and the last week to bind! I'll get a full picture on Monday b/c I will be able to lay it all out)
- Made 2 bad snails trail blocks (they look fine, but were supposed to be 12 1/2" and turned out 11 1/4")
- Quilted the Girl Scout quilt for my mom

- Loaded and quilted the first Las Vegas quilt (one of Lois' UFOs and this is a part of the back, will save the front to show when it is bound and its twin is done too)
- Cut out and pieced a snap sack kit for a new home present for a friend who moved into her new home last year

I spent 18 hours in the sewing room/at the frame, and probably another 5-6 binding, but I don't count that time because I am usually watching TV then too. I didn't make any more progress on Feb's UFO and I didn't even pull out March's! I hope to get back on track this month!

I am going to go out on a limb for April and say that I will get two projects quilted upstairs, one or two downstairs, and start on a new cross stitch...we'll see how well I do! 


Barb in Mi said...

You got a lot done! Love the penguine sneak peak!

Brita said...

Love your quilts, especially the Five Easy Pieces. I think I've done one like that, but it was called something else. The colors are great! Good luck with your April goals. You have to have goals or you wouldn't know if you reached them!

Alycia said...

Wow - you had a gret month!!

jillquilts said...

Don't feel bad... My March UFO is still in the stash room. And April is not looking up considering it is a BOM for me that Judy pulled. lol