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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rogue FNSI

Yesterday, Jill posted that she was having her own Friday night sew-in and I decided to join her, so we had our own little party last night, albeit in different states! 

I had one goal for the night - to get the binding on Five Easy Pieces. In order to do it, I pulled my sewing table away from the wall and put another table behind it to give the quilt something to rest on. 

It took me about an hour to get the binding on, so now I just have to hand sew 424" of it! I am hoping to do about a side a day so that I can have it done by the end of this month. 

After that, I grabbed the orientals I cut out last week and figured out how many I'd need to make the back for one of Lois' UFOs. I had prepped 7 1/4 yard cuts and 4 FQs, so decided that I would put all the 1/4 yards together to go down the middle and then have FQs on either side of them. The back will have as much variety as the front! I still have to find a few more fabrics in the Oriental drawer to get the back finished, but it felt good to start on it. 

I will be working on the frame tonight, and hopefully will make some progress on my binding, as soon as I can find my binding thread (I use hand quilting thread when binding most of the time, and I can't find my spool of navy!). 

Hope you had a productive Friday night too, even if it was a rogue one!


Gari said...

I'll bet your binding thread is hiding with my hand embroidery supplies. I have hunted, off and on, all day but they still haven't surfaced.

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for rogue FNSI's!! It was a great night for moving things along! :) Thanks for joining me!