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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Annual Goals

Last year, I decided to move up from monthly goals to annual goals to keep me on track with some things I wanted to get accomplished through the year. I still set monthly or weekly goals for a good portion of the year, but seeing my annual goals really kept me in check to make sure I was working on the things I really wanted to work on. 

Here's the results of what I got accomplished with my 2010 goals: 
- Report my stash usage and acquisition - Done! I tracked usage all year and ended the year with 92+yards used. 
- Finish at least 4 more UFOs - Done! Finished three small projects and one baby quilt.
- Locate, divide amongst bee, and help to finish Lois' UFOs - Done! 20 (36%) complete and many more in progress.
- Quilt a dozen items on the HQ - Done and then some - 15 quilted
- Fall table topper - In progress (Judy L quilt) - got stalled on this project when I ran out of one of the fabrics, but it is back on my UFO list this year.
- Twin size bed quilt for Jenna - Didn't make any progress on this, except for deciding that I am going to finish my butterfly fling quilt for her.
- Five easy pieces king size bed quilt for us- Partially done - got the top together, and bought the batting, but didn't get it quilted - also on my UFO list for this year, and is the project that was selected for the first quarter, so hopefully it will be done by March.
- Do something without a pattern - Done! I messed up cutting a table runner, so had to figure out how to make the pieces work without a pattern to follow!
- Start on a bed quilt for Michelle and Steve - No progress on this, but I do have some ideas to work on and hope to make some progress this year.
- Make more table runners - made four over the course of the year and had a lot of fun with these quick, pretty projects!

So, now that I have recapped 2010 goals, I am setting out 2011 goals. 
- UFO Reduction - End the year with 8 fewer UFOs that I have now (21). If I keep going with the UFO challenges, reduction shouldn't be a problem, but I am hoping this will help me keep in check how many new projects I start and don't finish. 
- Make a charity quilt
- Continue stashbusting and end the year well into the black (dare I aim for 100 yards?) and add pattern usage to my weekly reports. You see, I found this year that patterns were a great loophold when not buying fabric and I really want to make a lot of them, so this will encourage me to make from my existing patterns and books before I buy too many more. 
- Work on Steve and Michelle's quilt - I would like to have the top well underway this year, maybe even finished. 
- Quilt 20 items on the HQ - upping my goal from last year since I did so well and so many of my UFOs require quilting.
- Make a QOV for a friend who is stationed in Afghanistan and due home mid year. 
- Make 3 projects from existing patterns or kits that I have bought prior to this year. 
- Finish at least four cross-stitch projects

Hope you have a good set of goals for the year whether it includes specific projects or not! 


jillquilts said...

You did great in 2010!!

Now, if I send you the bear cross stitch to finish the back stitching, would this count as finishing one for you and for me? lol

I think that the using patterns you already have is a great idea!!

I'll be watching your progress!

Reenie said...

wow...look at all you accomplished! I bet there were times it felt like you were getting nothing done but this sure shows it! congrats!!