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Friday, December 17, 2010

First Day Off

Wow! I had an incredibly productive & fun day today and I just had to share a little about it and also an update on my to-do list for the next 2 weeks (don't worry, I won't update daily! If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I am no good for daily posts!). 

I started the day by picking up donuts and hot chocolate for me and mom and woke her up with the surprise. She was a little groggy at first, but really came to after the sugar started to kick in! After breakfast, we headed up to her sewing room to look for a very specific piece of fabric that I was sure I remembered seeing one time. After digging through about 6 boxes of fabric, I found it, cut off just under a fat quarter and made one of my last teacher gifts (picture to come when I finish the last one). It was great to get it done at her house and know that I had started my morning well. We decided to head out to do some shopping, but I went home first to shower and make some phone calls. I made some good progress on my goals (they're at the very bottom if you care to read about them). 

We made stops at three shops today and I only bought two things, and one of them I had special ordered (batting), so I really was just picking it up. It was a shame too because two of the shops had lots of fabric on sale, but I just didn't see any that I really needed to have. I did pick up a 60 degree ruler so that I can make one of the quilts in the Anka's Treasures book "Sizzling Sixties" which I've had for a while. Tonight while I was looking through some stash, I pulled a jelly roll and some background fabric so that I can start one of these quilts when I feel the need to bust into some new fabric. But to my defense, I also pulled fabric to line a UFO bag and to make a couple scrap bags. 

Up in my sewing room, I got a few things put away/organized and packed up one little surprise that will be on its way by Monday. I found this wonderful treat that my mom brought me from her last trip to Maryland, which I had totally forgotten about. I had to take a picture before I started because it is so cute! I collect reindeer things, but this one will be eaten - solid dark chocolate and it is oh, so good (and legless now!). 

Tomorrow, we have two additional kids coming over for a good chunk of the day, so I don't know that I will have a chance to get much done (or energy after they leave), but I do have a label ready to go on a baby quilt, so hopefully I can get that done and ready to mail on Monday too. 

Hope your Friday was good too! 
Now, if you've read this far and you really care, here's the progress I made today on my goals: 
- Organize and store kids clothes - pick out those that need to go to goodwill and send them on their way. - I figure I will save this for a day when the kids are home so they can help (or otherwise occupy themselves while I work on it!) but AmVets did call today and they will do a pickup on Wed, so I am motivated to start working on this before then! - Post pictures of the Singapore/China trip
- Quilt two of Lois' UFOs - Loaded backing for the first one tonight, laid out the batting on top so it could relax out of the package for the night. It will be ready to start tomorrow, I hope.
- Finish teacher presents - I made two last night, one more this morning, and pulled the FQ for the final one tonight. I hope to get it made tomorrow. 
- Update Lois' UFO list, my UFO list - Updated Lois' list - we've finished 20 of 55 projects, so now I need to get in touch with her sister to turn over the 11 that are in my sewing room waiting to go to their new home! Mine will get updated later in the weekend and I need to decide which things on my list will be part of the UFO challenges I am going to participate in next year (one with my bee and one with Judy Laquidara)

- Set annual goals for next year and report on this year's progress. 
- Make another 1/2 dozen or so pet scrap bags for bee/guild members. - pulled some fabric tonight, will make them later. 
- Eye doctor (at least make appointment, go if I can get in quickly enough) - made the appt. for Jan 13, but I lost my glasses on the way to Singapore and I think I need to get new ones before then...this item now becomes Order glasses to replace the old ones and then still go to the eye doctor in January! 
- Call plumber and heater about annual check/maintenance visits which they are supposed to initiate but haven't done yet! Check for the heater - no visit needed until April : )
- Call Sears about replacing stovetop that has cracked :( - called service, then parts and found out that they don't make the model we have any more and it is ~15 years old....guess this one will change to "shop for a new range."
- Pick up batting for our bed quilt (and it doesn't hurt that the shop is having a big sale this week either!) - Done! Visited three quilt shops today and only bought one measly ruler and the batting. I was even trying to buy something at two of the three and didn't see anything I couldn't live without (that's a sad day, isn't it?)
- Reschedule kids flu shot to a day when they will be home all day so I can get some of that other stuff done! - Done!


jillquilts said...

That little reindeer looks yummy!! Bummer about the stove top and about the eye doctor appointment in January. Did you happen to ask if they would call you if they had a cancellation? I got in at the end of November because someone canceled.

Looks like you really got moving on your list! Hooray!!

Gari said...

Boy, you are making great progress on your list. Then only thing on my list has been to get some sewing done and today I finally was able to. Now I need to add washing clothes and packing for the trip we are leaving on on Wednesday. ;-)