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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The One Dollar Socks

Earlier this year, my mom and I took a little day trip to a quilt show and some shops in Nashville, IN (a really cute town if you're ever in the area). One of the shops we stopped at is a sock shop and they have just about every kind of sock you could ever want. In front of the shop, they had a bin with one dollar socks and I saw a pair that looked warm and cozy, so threw them into the basket with the kitty cat socks for Jenna. I pulled them out today and put them on....and now I know why they were a dollar! 

The good news is that, even though they have really puffy toes, they are warm and cozy!


jillquilts said...

Are you bringing those things to Shipshe? They are too funny!!!

Reenie said...

Hahaha..maybe everyone in the town there has mutant feet. Those are soooooo funny!!!

Babs said...

Ha! Very funny. Glad you only spent a $1! Maybe you can cinch them??