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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Cutest Little Town in Germany

Two weeks ago today, Mike and I arrived after a night of flights in Frankfurt, Germany on a trip to celebrate 10 years of marriage (we deserved a good trip after 10 years!). We boarded a train and headed straight for our first destination - Rothenburg ob der Tauber

We easily found our hotel, checked in, and then headed out to explore the town. I kid you not, this was the first shop window I looked in! 

It is surrounded by a stone wall and you can walk along the wall almost the whole way. We explored the wall a bit the first night and then walked along it several times the next day. To say the town is charming is an understatement! The houses are beautiful and the people so friendly. 

We were so lucky to stay at a great B&B in Rothenburg and the proprietor is a pastry chef! The breakfast pastries were like taking a little bite of heaven! I certainly helped myself to good food in this town! 

We spent our first day there wandering - walking the wall, ducking in and out of gift shops, and taking lots of pictures - and finished the evening with a lovely outdoor dinner of good German food. The restaurant was out of the main square in town and we had the whole outdoor area to ourselves. It was great to watch all the goings-on while we ate! 

The next morning, we decided to spend at least a little time at a museum and Mike picked the Crime and Punishment museum. I wasn't too excited about it when we first got there, but it grew on me. It was fascinating to see some of the old items and read about the history of punishment. My favorite item was the double neck violin (see photo of one here). When two people couldn't get along, they would put lock their necks and wrists in either side of this and leave them in the town square until they could resolve their argument!  After the museum, we were beat and went back to nap for a while. A good lunch and lots of browsing/shopping followed. That evening, we took the Nightwatchman's Tour, which was a very entertaining walk around the town to learn more of its history. Here's the watchman himself.
If you ever get to Rothenburg, don't miss this fun way to learn a little about the city! 

The next morning, we only had two hours in town before we had to head out for our train, so we headed to the town center and climbed the stairs and ladder (!) to the top of the town hall. We were rewarded with a fantastic view of the city! 

This stop wound up being my favorite place on the trip and I understand that they have a wonderful Christmas market each year. If my travels take me back to Germany, I will make sure to save a couple days for Rothenburg (and a couple hundred calories for those pastries)!


orchidlover said...

Fabulous photos. I love Germany and can't wait until next year when we get there for a few days

Love and hugs Gina xxx

jillquilts said...

Great pics!! I can't wait to see more. Congrats on 10 years!!

Reenie said...

Oh...tell me more about your trip!! It sounds wonderful and those pics are fabulous. I wanna know ALL about it!!!