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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back at Home

Whew! After 10 days in Germany, we are back home and settling back into the routine. The return to a time zone 6 hours earlier has meant very early mornings for me, which I have enjoyed in my sewing room :) 

Our trip was great and I will start a series of posts to share all about it. We stayed in three different cities and loved experiencing the German culture, even if through the eyes of a tourist! It was a relaxing trip and good to be away to have some time together. My parents kept Jack and Jenna and they had a great time together (except when my dad tilted them backwards in the double stroller...but we're not talking about that one!). 

Before I get into the Germany reports, I wanted to wrap up the month of September from a sewing perspective. I had a good month, especially considering that I was gone for 1/3 of it! I had a total of 16 hours in my sewing room and finished the following projects: 
- Pieced 2 Market Bags
- Made 2 blocks for a friendship/comfort quilt
- Cut out, fused, and put borders on my Halloween wallhanging
- Cut 12 bag kits for our Christmas Bee project
- Made 1 pillowcase for the Million pillowcase challenge

In October, I should have a ton of sewing time because I am taking a workshop with Esterita Austin for 2 days and I am going to a retreat! Looking forward to the full three days of sewing :) I am hoping to get a couple quilt backings made and start some new projects as well as work on a couple UFOs and some Christmas presents....yikes - I better start my list and start getting things together for retreat!


jillquilts said...

Retreat is sooo close!! I can't wait!!!

You did great in September! I still need to get my list together... So much to do, so little time!! :-D

Glad you are home safe!!

Babs said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see your Germany post! Congrats on accomplishing so much in a "short month"