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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2/3 of the year UFO Update

Hi there Lois...sorry it has been so long! I had good intentions to post a mid year update, but July came and went in a flash and so did August. Now it is early September, and I am really behind in showing the progress our group of quilting angels is making on all your UFOs. 

I have shown a couple tops, but nothing that we've finished since Feb 1! Let's start with your oldest UFO - the one I quilted for you just after I got my HQ. We got it bound, then two weeks later, I found the binding you cut for it at the bottom of a box. I don't think you'll mind that we used a dark blue to bind it and gave it to your sons. 

Then, let's move on a couple years. Not sure which of these is older, but the tea and chintz set had 12 blocks. You had one cut out and partially assembled, so I made the executive decision to finish that one as a wall hanging and put the rest of the patterns into the sale box (guess what, they all sold!). Also found this cute halloween wallhanging that just needed to be embroidered (you had done part of one face) and quilted. I found a couple volunteers and now we hope to get it to someone in your family by the end of October so they can enjoy it. 

Next up is some (more) paper piecing that you had almost all prepped and ready to make something like 60 or 70 blocks. Sandy worked on it for a while and got it to the perfect size for a table runner. She also quilted it and finished it up. There are enough papers to make another one and I just might do that someday! But that one I will keep for my table and I'll think of you every time I see it! 


Mom also seized this quilt that you started the night after a guild program on math in quilting by Elaine Ellison. You figured out how to put together this Fibonnaci quilt and you were sooo proud to show us at the next bee. Mom quilted it for you and finished it up. 

There are several more tops in progress and your batiks have moved back into their home (the bookshelf where you used to keep them). We keep plugging away at the 54 UFOs you left (don't worry, we won't finish all of them!) and we have just over 1/3 done now! Can't wait to begin showing you some of the other tops that are waiting, just waiting for me to get the frame back together. Miss you Lois and wish you were here to see all these projects finished. 


jillquilts said...

I'm so glad to see an update on this huge undertaking! It looks like you gals are making some progress! Way to go!!! :)

Janet said...

I love the way you talk with Lois about the work you're doing on her quilts... you KNOW she's pleased!! :)

Regina said...

wow - she had some great projects in the works! So glad you have a team to finish them - it sounds like she continues to touch so many people's lives in such a special way!

Cheryl Willis said...

wow, what a work of love. makes me glad to think of all the ufo's I will be leaving behind, someone is going to have a lot of fun figuring out what to do with them.

Marti said...

You are all truly angels!! These pieces will be priceless due to all the love that has gone into their completion in Lois's memory... Thank you once again for all the beautiful work!!