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Saturday, July 24, 2010

FNSI Results

It was great fun to participate in the Friday Night Sew-in last night. I started pulling the blocks from the wall and laying them out across our bed so I'd have room to lay out the additional rows I needed to make. 

Before long, they covered the whole bed and the headboard! 

When I got all the blocks laid out, I had three left over and they all look kinda the same to me. 

I started sewing rows together around 10 and got about half of them done by the time I decided to call it a night. I wanted to take a picture, but Mike had crawled into bed already! I got the pic this morning and I am hoping to get the rest of the rows together by the end of the weekend so it can go into the "needs backing" line. Anyone know of a place to get good quality wide backing? Seems that some I have seen are thinner than normal quilt shop quality fabric. I have enough of a bolt from Lois' fabric that I may piece the backing, but if I can find a good extra wide, I may just go with that for ease! 


jillquilts said...

Looks great!!!!

I have found a pretty good set of extra wides at Joann's, surprisingly enough. I used it on the back of the quilt for Regina so if you want a second opinion, use hers. :)

I also bought it to use on the back of my SIS quilt. Even Barb agrees that it is a good quality - not thin at all!!

Cheryl Willis said...

I machine quilt so I tend to use sheets for my large backs (if I want a solid) I am liking your blocks, took me a minute to see how you did them (or at least how I would do them) the top looks great! cw

Regina said...

Oh how gorgeous!!! And the backing Jill is referring to is very nice - at least from a quilt user's standpoint... nice weight and very snugglable (is that a word?)

Angie said...

Great success and process with your FNSI -- I am very familiar with using a bed for layout and then it overflowing from the bed. Pretty quilt with great color selections. I will stay tuned for process.

Reenie said...

Wow..you got a lot accomplished! Can't wait to see it all done.

quiltmom said...

I love the quilt pattern- it is really very pretty - Batiks are my favorite.
That quilt is really going to be stellar when it is on a bed.
Thanks for sharing your lovely work.