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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lightning Round

One of my favorite podcasts has a feature every now and then called Lightning Round where she goes through a bunch of news stories in a minute. Since I haven't been great about updating my blog lately except for the stash report, I thought I'd do a lightning round for all of you....hope you enjoy! 

Won a blog posting contest/drawing for the funniest comment ages ago at Old Red Barn, finally emailed Dana and claimed my prize - bunches of her handmade soaps and scrubs - they are great! 
Ordered, received, and installed EQ7! Kelly over at I Have a Notion had a fantastic pre-order price and I got it before June 7 when it was officially released. No time to play yet....
Met Edyta Sitar, enjoyed her amazing lecture and unbelievable quilts

Started a fabric clock shop sample for Shiisa Quilts - loving it so far and hope to get the rest of it together before month end. 

Loaded and quilted this one for my MIL's birthday/new house. Simple panto design, but it works well with all the busy fabrics. 

Took the HQ off the frame and put her into the table in preparation for next week's basement repairs. Had a heck of a time working on some practice FMQ -- it is like a whole different machine! Lots more practice required before I do my 4th of July wall hanging (can anyone squeeze a few more days into June please?)

And, as I wrap up this lightning round, I am off to pack for an overnight trip to the NQA in Columbus and some great shopping before and after! 


Leah Day said...

Ooooo! What is the clock shop sample?

It definitely looks cool and if you finished the inside and stitched it really densely, I image a lightweight clock mechanism would work with it.

Let me know when you come out with a kit or instructions. I love it!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

scraphappy said...

It sounds like you've had quite a week. Your shop sample looks fabulous.

jillquilts said...

You've had quite a bit of excitement lately!!!

I removed my MegaQuilter one and it was totally different working with it. Good luck!!

I'm excited to see what kinds of things you do with EQ!! I uploaded my add on's this week and looked at a few things. It's pretty cool!!