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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mom's Quilt

Last fall, my mom and I both signed up to take Debbie Bowles class when she was here. My mom also hosted the 2nd day of classes, and made a Eureka quilt. It has all batiks in the middle and a black on black for the borders.

She brought it down to me the second week in January to quilt and it has been on the frame to quilt since then. I finally started the quilting a few weeks ago and it didn't go well. She wanted me to do straightish lines that mirrored the long sections of the pieced curve blocks. I tried three and they did not look good, so I moved on and did a pattern with my versatool ruler in the square blocks and it looked pretty good. At that point, I stopped, called my mom, and we decided that she would do the long lines on her regular machine after I did the other quilting. Then it sat...for at least another week.

Earlier this week, I did a little work on it and promised my mom it would be done before the Super Bowl started, so I got to business last night and finished it. I had fun in the borders using a stencil that I picked up at Joann's and my pounce pad.

I will let her share the final finished product when she finishes the rest of the quilting on it and the binding.
I am starting to get a little backlog of quilts for the frame, so I am hoping to get a couple on and done quickly over the next few weeks. That will also mean lots of binding to work on during the Olympics!


jillquilts said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it finished!! You are getting to good at quilting 'out of the box!!' So proud!! :)

Stephanie said...

So does the chalk stay on well enough with the speed of the machine making it vibrate? I thought that would be a problem so I'd like to know how that worked for you. Thanks!