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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Feet

It has been a good month for my feet. It started off with the arrival of new slippers, which we much needed due to holes in the feet of my old ones!

Then, my mom finished knitting socks for me :) We bought the yarn a few years ago in Colorado, and she recently took a sock knitting class and used this yarn to use through the class. They fit perfectly and I love them! Thanks Mom!

Then, she finished a pair for herself that turned out too small, so they also made their way to my house! These socks are really warm and snug too!

In addition to all this foot happiness, I decided to take my digital camera in for repair. We actually have 3 in our house and I have been using my husband's for the past several months because my 2 were both broken. The repair guy was able to fix the one I took him and now I am so happy to have my own camera back...good week!

P.S. It is a little wierd to take so many pictures of your own feet!

1 comment:

jillquilts said...

Your feet look great!! :) Love the socks! I need to get busy on mine!

And yahoo on the camera being fixed!