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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are you talking to me?

From the first time I started going through your UFOs, Lois, I wondered if I would find a project that you had us all help with in the bee. You started it the year before I joined and then had us make additional blocks for it the next year. It was a beautiful set of blocks and I couldn't wait to see how they'd go into a quilt.

After bringing home the second load of fabric, I located them...all the blocks and borders neatly zippered into a bag tucked into the book with the pattern. I put them in the box with all the UFOs, but every time I walked by the table, they caught my eye. I just had to see how they'd go together. So, I worked on them a few weeks ago (sorry, just catching up on the blog now!), and boy do they look great!

But the best part of this project is that I found your notes on the back. Several blocks had names on the back of them of the person you assigned them to, and mine even had a few instructions from you!

It was kinda like you were talking to me from the back of the quilt! I have the top all together now and one of these nights I am going to pull off all the paper while I'm watching tv.

CJ summed it up....she left you a note on the back of her block and I think we all agree...just wish you could be here to see this one get finished.


jillquilts said...

How pretty!!! What will you do with it once it's finished? And the notes that she left for others and that others left for her... Precious!!

Anonymous said...

oh Jen-- this is wonderful- it makes me tear up-- It is so GREAT that you and your bee have take all this on-- its good to know that you so enjoy what you are doing-- and I know too that Lois is smiling down on you all!! Marti