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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stash Report - Week 1

I am jumping into this world of stash reporting in 2010, so I am not sure quite how you all do it, but I thought I would list my informal set of rules that I am using for myself:
  • My stash week will last from Sunday to Saturday, so I can post late Sat. or on Sun. morning.
  • I will count as busted anything that comes out of bins or off of shelves and gets cut for a project (hopefully I will be pretty good about starting these projects in the same week).
  • I am rounding to 1/8 of a yard.
  • If it comes from my scrap buckets, it won't count because I will have already counted fabric that goes in there as busted. I usually only put things in there that are less than 1/2 of a fat quarter.
So, then, onto the report for this first week:

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 0 yards

Fabric Used this week: 1 1/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 1 1/8 yards

Net fabric used for 2010: 1 1/8 yards

The fabric used this week was for a table topper I am making for a friend. I was happy to find a good use for this charm pack that someone else won at the retreat I went to last year and gave to me because she didn't care for the fabric line. Am hoping to get this quilted, bound, and in the mail by the end of January so that it can be used for a couple weeks before and after Valentine's Day.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way to go, Jennifer! But...I hadn't even considered "scraps". Shoot! I think I'll have to use your plan for scraps. Thanks for the heads-up on that one! Now...lets bust us some stash!

Mary-Kay said...

I've never been to your blog before and I clicked on the allergy label on the side bar. My son is 24 and has never had milk since he was a year old due to allergies. He has beautiful teeth and strong bones. There are plenty of other sources of calcium. Right now, he has allergies to dairy, eggs, mold, strawberries and animals. He's a short order cook but wears gloves most of the time. He carries an Epi-pen at all times.

Colleen said...

I love the color combo in the table runner. Pink and green is one of my favorites. Looks great. Good luck with the stash-busting!

jillquilts said...

The runner looks great! Keep up the good work on the stash busting!!

Tamera said...

What a cute table runner!

Way to start out the New Year.

Beth said...

Love the table runner....those are soooo my colors!

Great work on being in the black stashbustingwise already :)

Regina said...

Awesome runner! I think I have that pattern somewhere - I've been thinking that everyone will get runners for Christmas next year!!! Hmm - maybe if I start now?

Miss Deb said...

Love the runner,

I was thinking about how you are counting something as done. Do you have many UFOs? If not, I love the way you are counting something as done. I wish I could do it that way, But I am a scrap quilter and I have way to many UFOs it is unreal, so for this year I have decided I cannot count something as done until the top is done and I can measure it for the backing. Then if it is all scrap I will just claim the backing size twice to account for the scraps. But that is just me.

Moneik said...

Love the tablerunner Jennifer. The colors are great in it. Good luck with the stashbusting.

Infinity Quilter said...

Welcome to stashbusting!!! The table runner is really cute!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Yay!! We can start stashbusting together this year. I'm glad to see that you are not counting scraps that way I can tell Keith "The girls say scraps don't coun't" Great table runner I love it!