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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Double or Nothing

Lois, do you think it is odd that I have more fun working on your UFOs that I do on mine? I guess the difference is that your projects are new to me! I can tell from your copious notes that you had plans for just about everything you bought. I may borrow some of those plans from you because many of them are my taste as well!

Mom and I went over on Monday and picked up almost all of the rest. There is one more multiple drawer bin that just wouldn't fit in the back of the van, so that will be on the next trip. I think that my dining room has disappeared with this load! Jenna likes to crawl under the dining room table when she is mad/sad/wants time alone/is eating a box of Girl Scout cookies that she doesn't want us to know about. She tried to do that the other night to avoid washing her hands before dinner and got stuck! I heard this voice calling "Mom, Mom, can you come help me? I need you to move these boxes; I can't get out!"

Jack seems to think that the white shelving unit is for climbing on, but I think I corrected him last night (let's hope!), and Jenna keeps looking around the house for a place to put it so that she can put "all those small fabrics" in it. I am thinking it will need to be somewhere where she can fondle the fabric because she really finds it quite charming! She tried tonight to sell me on a location right next to her bookshelf so she could look at it when she reads....I think there may be a future quilter here! That's good, because I think you've given me enough for me and her!

We found in your bookshelf these two great binders - your resource books! I asked your sons if I could have them and they were fine with it. They are such a great resource with all the articles about thread, batting, binding methods, and tons of quilt ideas and free projects that you printed off! They should keep me inspired and busy for quite a long time! Thank you so much!

I know you'd be so happy to see that I finished my Carnival quilt from the Debbie Bowles class. You were so excited about her coming to our guild and I can tell why. Her patterns are fast, striking, and look just smashing in batiks. I think this may be the first in a series of batik quilts for me, and your stash will help me out a lot in this area!

I quilted this one with a King Tut thread you picked out for one of your niece's quilts (don't worry, there is plenty left on the cone when we get that quilt put together!), and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I am not thrilled with how I quilted it (meandering) because I don't think it did much to accentuate the pattern, but that is a lesson learned! From here out, I will do a better job of studying the quilt and really planning how I will quilt it before I put it on the frame.

Next up are a couple more quilting projects and then work on my snowball challenge quilt - you'd really love that one (although you'd probably make it in purple and white!).


jillquilts said...

Too sweet!! I can't believe all that room that Lois' stash is taking up!! And your dining room was a good sized room, if I remember correctly. WOW!!

More UFOs? Up to 34 yet? lol

Jen said...

Cool, you're doing the snowball challenge too!!

Moneik said...

You've got your hands full with all the fun new sewing stuff. Enjoy your new supplies. So excited to hear you are doing the snowball challenge too.