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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Lois

Hi there Lois. I hope you're having the time of your life reconnecting with your parents, your brother, and your husband. Just in case you haven't had a chance to check in on me, I thought I would give you a little update. Your memorial service was really nice. The quilts displayed all over the room made it look so welcoming, and I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of you throughout your life. Your sister is really a neat lady (she must take after her big sis) and she looks a lot like you in the face!

On Monday night, Mom and I decided to go over and get started on bringing your stash to its new home. Wow, I did a double take when we started...you said I would need to buy a bigger house, and I think you might be right! Stop laughing! Kevin and Steve were so helpful. They really know how much your quilting meant to you and were both very aware of which projects should be finished. We talked a lot about all your stuff and your love of fabric as we loaded the entire back end of the van and the car seats! Don't worry, we'll be back to pick up the rest soon...probably this weekend since I left the blues and novelties that I need right away to start on some of your UFOs.

Mike was, um, a little overwhelmed when I pulled into the driveway and he opened the side door, then the back door of the van. He was a great helper and just kept bringing it all in, not even asking me once what I planned to do with it or where the heck I was going to store it. At the end, I thought I was going to lose him when I told him that this was just over half.

Now, let's spend a minute to chat about some of those UFOs. Most of them are in the two bags there, one the chair and the floor under the table. So far, I have found 30 of them in varying states of completion! I have them all in a spreadsheet and several current and former members of the bee have offered to help finish them. We'll get them all back to Kevin and Steve or Marti. Man, you were so close on so many of them!

I'll be back in touch to share pictures as we finish things up, and as I bring back the second load, and as I figure out how to store all of this in the long term. I host bee in March, but I think they'll all understand if Auntie Lois' quilt shop is still in my dining room :)


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a lovely tribute, Jennifer. It certainly shows how much she meant to you. I'm sure she would be proud of you!

Jen said...

Jennifer, that was such a touching post. I really liked how you wrote it. She was LOVED by you, that's obvious. (((hugs)))

Cheryl Willis said...

Lovely post! I have been think a lot lately about the collection I have and am determined that all of it will be used before I go. I am thinking I might make piles or mini kits of some of it and start putting names on the tops. A couple of years ago it dawned on me that I could give a top just as easy as a completed quilt. This might be the year for giving a box of fabrics. be good, you are going to be busy for quite awhile. cw

jillquilts said...

How sweet!! And knowing how big your dining room is, I'm very surprised that Mike didn't make any comments! How in the world are you going to fit it all into your tiny quilt studio? Need some help? I could come over? lol

I'm very happy that Lois' things went to someone who would cherish them so much!

Regina said...

Looking forward to seeing more "letters to Lois" as you finish the UFO's.... and more. I am sure she is smiling down on you!

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

What a wonderful friend you are. And a great way to share your love for your friend. Thanks for sharing your "Lois Letters" with us. The first brought tears to my eyes. So touching. I look forward to reading the updates.

Shellie said...

Thank you so much for the letter. I truly enjoy hearing of how you are honoring your dear friend. This I hope is helping in your healing and beginning more treasures for you to hold on to. You are so driven to fulfill this request of hers. She is truly loved.
I am looking forward to pictures of the completed quilts.

Michelle said...

I love how you wrote your post. It is obvious how much she meant to you,and I know she is smiling down on you.

My question is...just where ARE you going to store all that stuff? Your husband is an angel for not asking.
be blessed,