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Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, I got my Carnival top together this week...was very careful to only take one block at a time off the design wall to make sure it went together the way I planned. Got to the end and snapped a pic for my blog....

Then took a second look and thought that I was sure I didn't put a couple of those blocks w/the same fabric right next to each other. OMG! I realized I sewed row 3 to row 1 (instead of row 1 to row 2)....rrrrriiiiipppp, then resew, and now it looks the way I want!

Now I am auditioning borders. The pattern calls for one wide border ~5", but I am thinking it may be better to do a thin black border (could even be wavy) and then a thicker border of one of the other fabrics. Let me know if you have opinions on the borders...I love to hear how you see it!

Since you've made it this far and since I am 1)feeling in the giving spirit, and 2)have to go to the post office anyway, I thought I would have a little challenge. There are three fabrics in this quilt that are not batiks...all the rest are. Leave me a comment with your guess of which three are not batiks and I will draw a name from those who get it right and send a little holiday item to you! The challenge ends Sunday night at midnight. If no one guesses right, I will throw all the names into a hat!


QuiltingB29 said...

It looks great. Here are my 3 guesses:
1 - the yellow that's in several of the blocks
2 - the teal w/ squares & rectangles (in a couple of blocks, next to a brown)
3. the fabric that's striped - blues/purples/reds, the the block with blues, reds, whites.

As for the border choices, do a thin border with either the black or the tan and then the blue piece on the bottom or just do a wide border with the tan.

jillquilts said...

Oh man, I can't even tell which are not batiks. I'm not even going to try a guess!

It looks awesome! I agree with teh idea of a thin black border and a larger outer border. I think that will really set off all the colors.

Reenie said...

Definitely the blue with the rectangles, the middle block on the bottom has one with blue, white and looks like a purpley stripey pattern and I have never seen a bright yellow batik so I will go with that. Gorgeous quilt, btw!!

Regina said...

I like the thin black border idea - will make it pop.

My guesses:
The rectangles/blue
the Green wavy (top right block)
The yellow

I am not counting the fabrics you have auditioned for the borders -because the tan does not look batik to me either.

I even went back to the first post you did on this - hoping to find a hint there - but no such luck.

Linda and Piwacket said...

First of all, Wow! That quilt is terrific!

Here's my guess about which three are not batiks:
1. The teal with square or blocks.
2. The blue/purple with some hashmarks in it.
3. The green with purple that looks like it has some diagonal hash marks. It's in hte first block and further down in the quilt in the 2nd column as well.

I like the idea of a thin black border and then a pieced border using the other fabrics. Judy Laquidara has a new quilt on Patchwork Times (it's her Black Friday quilt) that has a cool border that would look neat on this project.

Gina said...

Love the quilt. A thin black inner borser wouls look fabulous with it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Allyson said...

The red and blue fabrics in the bottom middle block look to me like Moda Marbles. And I guess my third fabric would be the middle fabric in the top left block, the teal, yellow, blue, purpleish wavy type print.

A very cheerful looking quilt. I like the idea of a narrow black inner border and then something bigger on the outside. Will be fun to see what you decide on.