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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taos to Tuesday

Monday morning we headed north to Taos, NM. It was about an hour long drive and the kids did great. We told them we were headed toward the mountains, so they were very excited. I pictured Taos at the foot of a ski hill like those I've visited in Colorado, so I was quite surprised to discover that the town of Taos is 17 miles from the ski basin. We didn't quite make it into the mountains and Jenna reminded us all day!

She let up her grudge after lunch, when we went to a local toy store on the recommendation of a lady at the visitor's center. Boy, was that a great choice. They had a huge outdoor play area - this structure was the highlight of it. There was a whole other area with sand and a pirate ship (see full set up pictures when I get them posted - hopefully this weekend).

We stayed for over an hour, and I went into the shop and found a couple Christmas gifts for my nephews - so nice to work ahead for the holidays! Now I just have to remember that I've bought them when December rolls around.

We finally peeled them out of the toy store as our meter was running out of time and turned the corner to see a quilt store! I quickly ran in with Jenna, but didn't even look long enough to fall in love with anything. They had lots of fabric in a small place and I just didn't have the patience to browse through it all. If I ever go back, I will visit the quilt shop while the kids play at the toy store!

Next, we headed to Taos Pueblo, an historic Indian site where they have lived since about 1100. It has been through several battles, but the Pueblo Indians have lived there the entire time, rebuilding their church several times. Today, many still live there and sell their goods to tourists. We saw some beautiful pottery and jewelry, but didn't come home with any (I spent all my money on fabric!). Here's a view of me and the kids in front of the stream (which is why I have a death grip on Jack) across from the pueblo that is most photographed there. It was beautiful land, but I'll stick with electricity and running water any day!

Last stop in the Taos area was the Rio Grande river gorge, a beautiful view of the river from a bridge. Jenna was asleep in the car so Mike and I took turns walking out above the river. Breathtaking. Mike and Jack posed for a self-portrait and you can see from Jack's hair that it was quite windy. To add to the bridge/river excitement, there was a police car with lights and siren that crossed the bridge while Mike and Jack were there! He was so excited about it, he could hardly tell me.

We decided to drive home on the high road (scenic route) from Taos back to Santa Fe, and while quite a pretty drive, it seemed to take forever. I think it doubled the trip back! Arrived back at the hotel and Mike fed the kids leftovers while I picked up some dinner for us. Jack stayed in the room with me to go to bed, and Jenna and Mike went down to the pool since she had napped in the car.

On Tuesday, we packed up to leave Santa Fe and head to Farmington. We did run to the local farmer's market and then let the kids play in a park for a while because we knew they'd spend the rest of the day in the car. One more swim in the pool, one last stop at Josh's BBQ, and then on the road. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive and the kids were great. I drove so Mike could take pictures along the way. I can't even tell you how many beautiful mountains/rock formations we saw....here's just one.

We arrived at the new hotel and, you guessed it, had to check out their pool. This one was outside and warmed enough to be comfortable, so we all enjoyed a good swim, then dinner, and easily to bed. More to come soon...wow - there is a lot to post about this vacation!

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jillquilts said...

Wow! That last pic is stunning! I bet it was gorgeous out there!