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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Retreat Report, Part 2

It has taken me all week to get my energy level back and the table cleared off to take pictures! I haven't blogged much about all the shopping and events surrounding the retreat, but we had lots of fun before and during. If you want to read more, Jen and Moneik are both blogging much more that I am! Stop by to visit them and see more about our shop hopping and retreat activities.

In addition to the door prizes I shared with you in my last post, there were all kinds of other goodies I came home with.

Let's start with all the things that my peeps from the prolific online quilters group brought.

Jen made the sewing machine caddy that is the base for this picture and the name tag, Moneik made the lanyard with my blog's name on it, Regina made the chapstick case, mug cozy, and the candy holder with our logo on it. Jill made the rice bags, Cindy made the coaster, and Linda brought Skyline Chili from Cincinnati! I also shared gifts with the group - finger pincushions - here's a picture of all of them before I left for retreat. A few remain, and those will go to our guild's shop at the next Quilt Show this fall.

Next came the handouts/gifts from the retreat committee. We got the Baltimore Album magazine and the Debbie McCaffrey pattern at check in. All of the other items were meal gifts. At each meal, there were gifts on the table for each quilter. I did shuffle chairs a few times to get colors I liked better and there was a little trading going on!

Finally, this post would not be complete without mentioning the generosity of those in our group. There were tons of prizes, and if someone won something they weren't crazy about, they just shared with someone else in the group who like it (hence, why I passed off the hand quilting thread I won!). I was the lucky recipient of all these things from others who won them but didn't want/need them! Wow is all I can say. I am especially excited about the Fabric Calculator and the add-an-eighth ruler (I've had my mom's for about 6 months, so she'll finally get hers back!).

All in all, it was a fantastic retreat. I so enjoyed meeting all these women and getting a chance to know them in person. I am really looking forward to another chance to go next year!


Moneik said...

All the gifts were so much fun. I just finished putting mine away tonight after I showed everyone at work.

Cindy said...

I just finished getting everything put away this afternoon. Now I can settle in and do some serious sewing.

Jen said...

See you are way more organized than I am. I haven't even moved my bags from the entry way yet!! I was too exhausted. This week I am totally cleaning my sewing room, unpacking and going to town on the quilting!