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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Week

No catchy title on this one, just a few cute pictures from the week. The kids have both been in good moods this week and Jack is gearing up for his 2nd birthday...I can't believe that 1)it has gone so fast, and 2)when Jenna was this age, I had a two month old!

Here's the princess in her new bed. We've had it in their room for a while, and have been talking up how 4 year olds get to sleep in the big bed (she has been in a toddler bed up to this). Last night, she decided it was time to start sleeping in it. Doesn't she look nice and stretched out?

And, here's our boy in his best evening wear. Stripped down from a day at "school" playing around before bedtime...don't you love the black socks? (he blinked right as I took the picture!)

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