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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trying to get motivation

I have not been in my sewing room for over a week...and am having trouble getting the time/motivation to get back in there. Part of it is the weather...we were in the negatives earlier this week and all that I wanted to do was curl up under a quilt and watch TV, so I did! It has warmed back into the 30's this weekend, and I have gotten some of my motivation back, but with no time to do anything. The kids have been busy, we've been cleaning the house, and blah, blah, blah. So, today, both kids were down for a nap and I thought I'd start on my blocks for the Quilters in Indiana block lottery, especially since my mom won this month...two minutes into it, Jack was up and ready to get out of bed (he had already slept 2+ hours) and Jenna decided she didn't need a nap, so here I am...maybe I will get a chance to make some progress tonight....

Since there are no quilting pics to share, I'll share one of Jenna from the week. I got her some new snow/winter boots yesterday, because she's grown out of the ones from last winter. They have princesses on them, which she loves. When I arrived home and handed her the box, she stripped out of her footed PJ's (which she'd worn all day) and proudly put on her boots.

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