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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sometimes, there are certain quilts that I just look at over and over with a longing to someday do them. An online buddy of mine recently blogged about having a list of quilts she wanted to do, and I have been thinking about that since then...so I thought I would share some of the quilts that really inspire me and make me think about "the big ones" that I want to do someday.

First off, this pattern is called Mexican Stars. I don't actually have it, but I have seen it and been very close to buying it more than once. I know that I probably should have just picked it up the second time, but there is something about the little bit of curve in it that has held me back. Next time I see it, it's mine (or would be a good Christmas present....hint, hint).

Second, an art quilt with dimension. For a real art quilter, this one probably doesn't seem that far out of the box, but it is worlds from what I am doing these days, and I just love it. In this quilt from the Sister's show, the little red and cream quilt was dimensional, a separate quilt, quilted into/onto the main one.

Third, and not too distantly related from 2nd, a quilt that mixes a traditional block with something non-traditional, like this amazing one, also from sister's.

Fourth, a double wedding ring in contemporary colors/fabrics, or with photos. This one is from our guild show last year, and I love it. I'd like to do something similar or incorporate photos from trips/adventures in my life into the rings.

There are more...but without accompanying pictures:
- A big log cabin quilt (I need to post at some point the little log cabin zoo I made for Jack)
- A bear's paw quilt
- T-shirt quilt with a cool setting like the one my mom made me with my Girl Scout shirts (guess I need to take a picture of that one too)
- Something for Christmas with a reindeer on it - either applique or with reindeer fabric
- A curvy quilt(probably more than one...I have a kit that I need to make up called Curvalishish, and a book called Blendable Curves)
I am sure there are more...but those are the big ones for now. Keep an eye on my upcoming goals in months to see if I start to take on any of these challenges!

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Bethany said...

I love the Mexican Star and Wedding Ring quilts. Those are on my list as well.

I just haven't been color coordinated yet to do the wedding ring.

Ohh..don't give up on the free motion quilting with your 6600. It takes time to learn. You'll get the hang of it soon. :)