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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Belated Thanks and a Little Finish

I have been very delinquent in blogging about some quilty gifts I received in August! During the same week, I received three great surprises:

#1 - A pair of socks from a gal at work who knows of my love of quilting. I had been on a project team with her for about 6 months and see her infrequently now, so was really touched that she thought of me when she purchased these.

#2 - A thank you card with some cash in it for a cross-stitch I had done for a friend. Very unexpected, as the cross-stitch was something I didn't expect any payment for! (no picture of the cash :)

#3 - This fantastic bag from Jill, who I cheered for during the quilting hours contest in July. She blogged all about making this bag and I thought it was really cute. Imagine my surprise when it showed up on my doorstep! The real reason that I haven't taken a picture of it between then and now is that it has been in use! I have the opportunity to go to a workday once/month, and also spend some time sewing at my mom's, so this bag has become a staple for me - it is the perfect size to keep thread, scissors, and paper-piecing supplies in - THANKS JILL!

Finally, a little finish for me this week. I started this wool penny rug in November of last year, because it looked easy enough to finish before Valentine's day. I only worked on it at bee and guild meetings, and as you can see, didn't put a whole lot of time into it! I just now completed it, but look forward to using in next February!

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jillquilts said...

Love the rug! And I am so glad that you are enjoying and using the bag! Awesome!