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Saturday, September 20, 2008

5 and a half days

That's how long Jenna can go without a nap. She went all week without napping...not unusual for a day or two, but we are starting to think that she may be ready to drop the afternoon snooze. Today, after a bike ride around the neighborhood with Dad and Jack and a visit to a local quilt show with me and Gran, she just couldn't go any longer. She didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home, which really surprised me, but within about 5 minutes of throwing herself on the living room floor for some injustice that we reigned down on her, she was out!

Loss of the afternoon nap is a sad prospect for me, because I often get in a good hour or more of sewing during the golden time when both she and Jack are napping (that's on the days that I haven't dozed off on the couch too). The unintended benefit from the lack of a nap is that she is now passed out sound asleep by 7:45 or 8, which gives me a much nicer window of opportunity in the sewing room. By that time in the day though, the light isn't as good, so I don't like to do much cutting, and I am often on the tired side, so it is hard to get motivated to really get something going.

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