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Monday, August 4, 2008

July Accomplishments and August Plans

The month of July was a really productive one for me, and I really feel good about the amount of sewing I got in. I tracked my hours this month, as several members of one of my online groups were doing. I didn't even complete 10% of what some of them did, but am happy to report that I spent 16.25 hours sewing in July. All that, even with a week and a half off for vacation and recovery!

The things I completed in July are:
  • Red, White, and Blue top and back from Quilters in Indiana lottery blocks
  • 2009 Quilt show opportunity quilt block
  • May and July Carol Doak Blocks of the Month
  • 2 Lottery blocks for Quilters in Indiana
  • Hanger on Jack the dog UFO
  • Attended the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show and had a fantastic time in Oregon visiting 10 quilt shops and vacationing with Mom and Jack

August is being marked as "Finish It Up Month" for one of my other groups, Prolific Online Quilters. We are all working hard to get some old UFOs completed, and I am going to concentrate on that too. My goals for this month are:

  • Complete August Carol Doak BOM (last in the series of 12)
  • Complete a few blocks for the Quilters in IN block lottery
  • Finish UFO #2, Collin's Stocking
  • Work on some other UFOs
  • Machine quilt something! For pete's sake, I took the class in May and haven't had the guts to do anything since then, so I really need to get a move on.
  • Work on something new and exciting (thanks Sara for this suggestion!)

I will report in throughout the month, and it is already looking good, as I have completed something each day I've sewn so far this month.


Gina said...

Well done on what you accomplished.
I haven't decided on FIUM yet. I'm not sure about how much time I'll have this month.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Regina said...

Great job - especially with everything else going on!!!