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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing Like a Day at the Pool!

Today was our first day of the season to get to the pool. We don't have one in our neighborhood, so we have to mooch off of my parents. My mom was a little wary when I talked to her at 9:00 and said we wanted to come up and swim...it was still in the upper 70's then, so a little cool. I figured the pool would be warm enough, though, and it was.

Jack was a natural. Once he got used to the temp. of the water, he loved it. We jumped up and down, splashed, kicked, and he even tried to blow bubbles. He did hold on well, but had a great time in the water.
Jenna was a little more reluctant. She held on with a death grip to me and/or mom. We thought that she'd like the baby pool more and tried that, but she didn't like her lack of balance when walking in the water, so we went back to the "big pool." She finally did relax enough to get her face a little wet and to have some fun kicking and splashing.

After the pool time, we had a little snack by the side of the pool, which Jack gobbled up, of course. We headed back to mom and dad's and Jack couldn't make it...the water, sun, and lull of the stroller were just too much for him!

He snoozed for a good 45 minutes in the stroller, woke up to eat, came home and is now snoozing again. Jenna opted for a nap at Gran's and from what I understand, she is out too! So, I am off to work on one of my sewing projects that I want to finish this month!

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