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Monday, June 16, 2008

Darn Allergies

After a challenging weekend for Jack, I found out today that he is allergic to Penicillin. He had an ear infection diagnosed about 10 days ago at his 15 month check-up and went on Amoxicillin for it...we thought he was doing better, but he had a fever from Thursday to Sunday and today had this wierd rash all over himself after his morning nap. We high-tailed it into the Doctor's office to be diagnosed with the allergy. So, now he goes on round two of meds and may have the rash for up to two more weeks. It showed up just following the last dose of his Amox., so she said it will probably hang around for a while.

While we were there, Jenna didn't look that hot earlier, so the pediatrician looked in her ears to discover that she's sporting an ear infection too! Ugh! So, another prescription....but this does help to explain some of the moodiness she's been displaying recently.

Both kids are down for a nap now, so I am hoping the meds will be kicking in soon. Jenna is asleep in the hallway b/c she didn't want to sleep in her bed (she told me that she didn't need a nap and was actually trying to crawl out of her room, I think!). She is also in her Halloween costume from 2006, which really doesn't fit anymore, but it is still in the closet, so she still squeezes into it sometimes! What a character!

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